The Home Working Revolution

March 13th, 2011
Posted in Garden offices

Commuting to and from work costs the average employee a fifth of their wage – meaning they work until 10 March to cover the cost.

With the average petrol price at an all-time high of 129p and more a litre, commuting to and from work now costs an average of £3,782 a year – with the average distance of a commute being 19 miles a day, the study by Virgin Media Business reveals.

Mark Heraghty, managing director of Virgin Media Business, says: “The thought of spending a fifth of your salary on commuting to work is enough to drive most people up the wall, but every year millions of us are doing just that.”

The research suggests that, with the rise in smart phones, high-speed broadband and inexpensive laptops, encouraging employees to work from home could save companies money.

Heraghty continues: “The idea that to do work you must be in the workplace no longer rings true. Many workers can now do their job just as well, if not better, from home.

“The fact that working remotely could save staff a small fortune, while offering a far greater work/life balance is an added bonus.

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