What are cookies?

Most websites use cookies, or HTTP cookies, which are small text files that are stored on users’ computers when using web browsers. They are used by websites for many different reasons, but most often to serve appropriate information to visitors, or to enhance visitors’ experiences, or to help a website operator understand how visitors use the website.

To get the best from this website, we advise allowing cookies in your browser settings, however if you wish to disallow or delete cookies, please see how to change those settings below.

Cookies used in this website

The website uses very few cookies, and those that are used are displayed below:

3rd party cookies used in this website

The website uses Google Analytics and AddThis 3rd party services to enhance understanding of visitor traffic and provide improvements based upon that knowledge, or to allow for users to share information with their social networks:

Cookie Name What it is used for
Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to collect anonymous visitor data, to give us an idea of how the website is used, which helps us to improve the website for future users. If you would like to opt out of this cookie in particular, please click here to view details of Google’s opt out plugin.

If you would like to disable, delete or control cookies on your browser, please follow the appropriate link for your browser below:

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