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All year round comfort is a must in a garden office which is why our super-insulated garden buildings will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because you don’t have to heat the whole house, this provides a very energy and cost efficient solution. Security is also important because you may well leave expensive computer equipment there – our high performance doors and windows provide all the protection you will need, with toughened glass and high security locks and window catches. Carefully considered lighting, data cabling, wi-fi connection, soundproofing, in fact everything you need to create the perfect motivational work space are all possible with a Roomworks garden office. We can even install a loo so you don’t need to nip back to the house! Remember we can design and build EXACTLY what you want – inch (mm) perfect and not just an adapted standard model.

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As you would expect, we are very careful about selecting the best quality materials and components for our buildings. This includes making sure that all of the materials and processes we use are environmentally responsible.


Remember a Roomworks garden office can be designed and built to suit your requirements exactly. Any size, any shape… endless options. You can choose what materials we use, how it’s insulated, how it’s heated, how many windows or skylights it has, what kind of roof it has, how it’s lit, decorated and so on.


Designing a garden office or garden room that will suit your needs perfectly requires a great deal of time and attention to detail – but this is our investment, not just to  be chosen to build your room but also to make sure it looks as good  in ten years time as it did on the first day.

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What will you do in yours? There are endless ways to enjoy a beautifully designed garden room – garden gym, cinema room, teenager’s den, hobby room, pool room, therapy room, play room or just a little me-space!

Designed and built to create an inspiring space for artists, musicians, designers and photographers. Soundproofing, natural light control, climate control; whatever you require to let the creativity flow!