How To Improve Productivity When Working From Home

April 30th, 2014
Posted in Garden offices

Working from home has numerous benefits, yet some people find themselves easily distracted, which can negatively impact their productivity. Below are a few tips on how to stay focused and improve your productivity when working from home:

Keep a work diary

Make sure you have two separate diaries for your work and social life. Use your work diary to schedule daily and weekly tasks in advance, so you have a clear idea of what you expect to accomplish. By setting out goals, you are likely to work harder to achieve them, which in turn will boost your productivity.

‘Get ready’ for work

You should never just roll out of bed and straight into your office chair. Although working from home doesn’t require investing in numerous smart outfits, you should still make a conscious effort to get ready for work. This means getting out of your pyjamas, having a shower and eating a healthy, balanced breakfast. Doing this will set you up for the day and will make you feel refreshed, positive and ready to work.

Avoid temptation

It’s not just your breakfast that should be healthy and balanced – all meals following that should be, too. If you work from the home, you’ll be near the kitchen and near temptation, but it’s important that you avoid snacking on unhealthy treats that will only make you feel sluggish. Instead, make yourself healthy meals that contain a balance of all the right nutrients; make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.


Even if you think you don’t have time for them, always take breaks. Go outside to get some fresh air instead of sitting in front of the TV, or go for a short walk if you have time. Taking regular breaks will improve both your creativity and productivity.

Create a productive workspace

Finally, your workspace should be a space that inspires and motivates you to work hard. Rid the space of any distractions, make sure it is sufficiently lit and buy yourself a comfortable office chair that will not cause you to slouch or slump at your desk.

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