Creating An Inspiring Workspace

April 30th, 2014
Posted in Garden offices

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our emotions, mood and productivity. If you work from home, it’s important that you create a space that is both personal and inspiring, as it will motivate you to work harder. Essentially, you need a space that you enjoy working in every single day – here’s how to create it.


People often disregard the importance of lighting within a workspace. You need to ensure that your space is lit sufficiently at all times of the day. A poorly lit space will make you feel sluggish and could also lead to the development of headaches due to eyes strain.

The best source of light? Sunlight. Make sure your workspace has plenty of windows or openings to allow natural light to flow in, as this will boost your mood and productivity.


A de-cluttered workspace means a de-cluttered mind. Organise your space so that everything is easy to locate. Invest in some decent storage. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying dreary metal filing cabinets; instead, experiment with different units that complement the overall décor of the space. Use different materials, textures and colours to add instant character.


Make your workspace unique by adding personal touches. This could include artwork, soft furnishings or a collage of family photographs. Being surrounded by things that make you happy will both inspire and motivate you.

Be visual

Visualisation is key for productivity. Invest in a memo board to help you with your daily tasks. You could use the memo board to visually track your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. This will inspire you to keep working hard and will give you a boost when you’re in need of a little motivation.


Smells have a huge impact on our mood. It’s important that workspace scents aren’t too overpowering. Try a lavender scented candle for when you are feeling stressed, or a lemon scented candle when you need a morning boost. Natural scents are also invigorating, so make sure you open the windows for fresh air when it’s warm. Alternatively, invest in a freshly cut bunch of flowers every couple of weeks and place them on your desk.

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